SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — USF closed their 2022 campaign with an 8-3 record. This year could look much different with a new man in charge.

USF hired new head coach Jim Glogowski late last year, along with other additives to the coaching staff.

“It’s almost just like a fresh start. Like I said earlier, we’ve had success. But we’ve also come up short the past two years. And I feel like with this new coaching staff, and everybody is starting from ground zero. And so since coach Glo got here, it’s pretty much been an interview until now, what we can prove,” USF quarterback Adam Mullen said.

Like any new relationship, it takes time to really formulate a bond and coach Glo makes that a priority.

“The one thing that we’ve tried to do continually is develop that relationship and so that we can be able to coach these guys. Because quite frankly, as the saying goes, you know, they don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care about them,” USF head coach Jim Glogowski

A new implementation that will be added to the Cougar offense is a two quarterback system. Both quarterbacks rotate between one another in a game.

“In my mind, quarterbacks are very similar other positions, if they’re just as good and they’re competitive, they should both play, they’ve earned the right to play. And so we’re going to go with that and move forward,” coach Glo said.

“I’m excited. Having somebody like Cam (Camden Dean), he’s a very dynamic player. He’s somebody that has pushed me since the day that he got here and I’ve pushed him too. And we both have a mutual understanding that ultimately, we’re both going to make the team better in our own ways,” Mullen said.

Coach Glo is confident in his team and based on the history Cougar football, the expectations are high.

“I expect us to be to be a solid football team. I expect us to compete for a conference title. I think that’s the expectation here. And I’ve learned a lot about winners win, where it wasn’t so much just a catchphrase. It kind of spoke to when Bob Young first started here and they didn’t have all the amenities and the beautiful facilities that we have now and and if you’re a winner, you figure out a way to win,” coach Glogowski said.

The Cougars will open the season on Thursday when they welcome Glogowski’s former team, Minnesota State to Sioux Falls.