SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The WNBA Draft is just four days away and two USD seniors are hoping to hear their names called.

Chloe Lamb and Hannah Sjerven elected to use their extra year of eligibility to return to USD this past season.

“I think when I decided to come back, it was purely focused on South Dakota and our team and the possibilities of what we could do there,” WNBA draft hopeful Hannah Sjerven said. “I wasn’t thinking a whole lot about my personal stock or the possibility of playing after that.”

“A year ago, right now looked so far in the future. It (playing in the WNBA) wasn’t even really a thought. It’s always a potential and of course our run this year definitely helped both of us,” WNBA draft hopeful Chloe Lamb said.

Following a run to the Sweet 16, both Sjerven and Lamb received national attention, so the two entered their names for the WNBA Draft.

“It’s kind of something that I didn’t really think about. Of course, it’s not really the goal at the time,” Lamb said. “We were playing games and see how far we could go there.”

“I realized when our season ended, I wasn’t ready to be done yet. I still felt like I had some more basketball that I should at least try to play,” Sjerven said.

Sjerven has been part of several WNBA Mock Drafts, including ESPN’s most recent one that listed Sjerven as the 33rd overall pick.

“While it’s exciting to see my name on there, I try not to get my hopes up or have any expectations, based on a mock draft,” Sjerven said. “April 11 will be when I feel that excitement or whatever feeling comes from the result.”

Photo courtesy of Molly Sheppard / USD Athletics

Lamb was part of the ‘So You Want to be a Coach’ workshop which was held at the Women’s Final Four in Minneapolis.

“I was kind of focused on my coaching career, you could say with that and so that’s what I’ve been focused on these last few days,” Lamb said.

Sjerven and Lamb are hoping to hear their names called on Monday, but either way, the two are proud of what they accomplished at USD.

“I think even to just be in the spot that we are right now and the history that we’ve made this year, is enough for me to feel proud of what we’ve done at South Dakota,” Sjerven said. “It almost levels up to the things the girls before us did.”

“We’ve talked about before, you know leaving a legacy and I’m confident and proud of what we’ve done in that case and everything from here on out would be a cherry on top, I think,” Lamb said.

The WNBA Draft is on Monday, April 11 at 6 p.m. You can watch it on ESPN.