VERMILLION, S.D. (KELO) – One championship is great team, two titles in a row is the becoming of a juggernaut.. but when you win your third straight.. that’s the mark of a growing dynasty.

“This past weekend we played very confidently and that was probably the most confident I’ve seen a South Dakota team play in a conference tournament from start to finish and I think that says a lot because we’ve had some pretty darn good teams here,” USD Head Coach Leanne Williamson Leanne stated.

For the third straight season the South Dakota Coyotes have claimed the Summit League Tournament Championship.

“We talk a lot about culture and we have high goals for ourselves and I think that winning, especially in big moments is not an expectation, but we’re pretty determined to do it and we know what it feels like. So, we can kind of chase that feeling again,” USD Junior Madison Harms said.

“Every Championship holds some value but this one I do think is really special partly because we have dealt with a lot of adversity, and every body does, but this team, this program maybe dealt with a little bit more than what we have in some of the past years,” Williamson said.

The Yotes would sweep Omaha three zip in the Summit League finals and their reward, a first round match up in the NCAA Tournament with the Houston Cougars.

“I think taking it one day at a time and enjoying every moment. When it comes down to it, it’s just another game. You can’t focus on the fact that it’s the NCAA Tournament in a way because I think that’s when we start to put more pressure on ourselves and worry about it a little more. So, I think just enjoying practice and kind of fine tuning little things that we can focus on as a team at the end of the season is important because we can’t change who we are as players now. But, I mean, it’s just exciting,” USD Senior Lolo Weideman stated.

The Coyotes bring experience into the big dance and also most likely a home crowd type of advantage with the match being held in Omaha, just two hours south of Vermillion.

“We love playing in front of them, we absolutely feed off their energy and I think even for their families to be able to attend is a special moment and I’m glad that we will get to experience it not only together but with our friends, family and fans,” Williamson remarked.

The Houston Cougars enter the tournament out of the American Conference with an overall record of 28-3. The Coyotes and Cougars Friday match will begin at 3:30pm and can be watched on ESPN Plus.