Alexandria & White, S.D. (KELO) — As the start of the season inches closer for local high school football teams, some will soon be playing in new facilities.

Hanson and Deubrook School Districts’ both have new football fields with tracks.

Hanson superintendent and activities director Jim Bridge says the conversation about upgrades in Alexandria started in 2020.

“I pinch myself every day because I can’t believe we have…we did it,” he said.

They couldn’t hold meets at their old track because of its condition. Now, they’ll have a new one as well as a turf football field.

There will also be a new entrance and tailgate area as well as an extension to the press box. Additionally, 345 seats are coming to the existing grandstands next month.

“All existing budget. No new taxes were involved. We had paid off our gym a couple years early, and so those payments now freed up some capital outlay money, so we were able to apply it towards this project,” Bridge said.

Community members have been raising money to purchase a new storage unit and track and field equipment. They have a goal of $500,000.

“I think they’re somewhere around $475,000 that they’ve raised,” Bridge said.

Deubrook High School in White is also getting ready to use their new facility that’s been under construction since the football season ended last year. They still have some work to do including a concession stand and a grandstand. A foundation is raising money to help.

Courtesy: Thad Grimsrud

“They’re going to start looking at maybe building a grandstand for us, or raising funds to build a grandstand for the school. That wasn’t in the original scope for the project,” Deubrook dean of students & activities director Brad DeBeer said.

The new facility expands opportunities for the school’s athletic programs.

“The opportunity to host things,” DeBeer said. “You know, our kids are always getting on a bus and we’re going somewhere. Our kids have to train for track around our city park and we’ve done that for years, and so the opportunity to get on the track and do an actual workout. Our kids are excited. Our coaching staff is extremely excited.”

Deubrook’s first home football game is September 2 and Hanson’s is on September 9.