SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — 2021 Huset’s Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Lindberg, passed away this past February at the age of 77. In his final days, Lindberg ensured that racing would stay a family tradition, helping jumpstart his grandson, Jackson Weber’s, sprint car career.

For Jim Lindberg’s family, racing isn’t just a hobby.

“I grew up at the racetrack every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the time we were 7 years old. It means a lot to keep the family tradition going,” Jim’s Daughter Nichole Weber said.

Nichole’s son, and Jim’s grandson, Jackson, has been racing quads for nearly a decade. But Lindberg wanted his grandson to race sprint cars, just like he used to do.

“I remember grandpa called me up and said I need to talk to you guys, have Jack come over. Jack got over there, and he said are you ready to finally go fast. And Jack said yep, what are you talking about? And he said, we’re going sprint car racing,” Weber said.

“It means a lot. I didn’t know, like I knew he loved to race, but I didn’t know he wanted to get involved in my career of racing. He’s seen me race quads all the time,” Jackson Weber said.

With help from his family and friends, Lindberg was able to give Jackson one final gift before he passed.

“My dad was very, very ill for a long time. He spent the last week of his life making sure that this car was built. He could barely walk, but he spent the last week of his life making sure that this car was built and ready to go for Jack because that’s what he wanted,” Weber said.

“He said you’ve got to get that car out on the track. Everyone coming together to get that car out on the track for Jim. That’s the last thing he really wanted us to do, and we made it happen,” Weber said.

While Jim won’t be there to watch Jackson race in person, he’ll be by his side every time he takes the track.

“He’s with us everyday. He’s with us every step of the way. I told Jack if you have any questions tonight you just ask Grandpa because he’s riding right along with you and he’ll give you the advice you need,” Weber said.

“My grandma told me before we showed up, she said look up in the air, look up at your wing, Look at me now Grandpa. He’s got the best view of everyone here,” Weber said.

Jackson has competed in both A features at I-90 Speedway this year, finishing in 10th place this past weekend.