SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Through plenty of ups and downs, the Sioux Falls Storm currently sit with a record of 7-7

“We knew we we’re going to be young. We only carry one vet when you can have seven and it’s shown many times this year. We make a lot of mistakes. The thing that we have is a group that goes out and battles, they fight really hard. It’s a weird deal because its one where every game we have a chance to win but every game we have a chance to lose,” Storm Head Coach Curtis Riggs said.

“We have a lot of talent on this team but we’ve lost some really close games. I mean, we’ve had three games lost by a last second field goal, we spilt games with Iowa in the beginning that we shouldn’t have. We lost to teams that weren’t as good as us, talent wise, but talent doesn’t always get it done,” Storm running back Nate Chavious said.

The Storm currently sit a half game behind Iowa for the 4th and final playoff spot as they host Green Bay Saturday night, a team they lost to in the final seconds less than a month ago

“Oh I think it burns you that it’s a game that you think you should have won there was a lot of ups and downs in that game and there’s a lot of plays that Green Bay felt like they probably should have made to put the game away,” Riggs stated.

“We feel like we beat ourselves in that game so now we just go in and execute and we should win,” Chavious said.

Sioux Falls will likely need consecutive wins in their final two games to advance into the postseason, giving them the opportunity they’d hoped for at seasons start.

“If we can find a way to get in there, we’re a team that can make a run; we’re a team that could lose that first round though too. But I think the scary part for all those other teams in the league is they know that we’re one that if we go in clicking like in 2019, we can beat anyone in the league,” Riggs said with confidence.