SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Kurtiss Riggs and the Sioux Falls Storm have won 11 championships in his 19 years as the head coach. On Saturday, they’ll look to add one more trophy to the collection, in Riggs’ final game with Sioux Falls.

The Storm overcame a double-digit halftime deficit for the second straight week. A final minute two-point conversion lifted Sioux Falls past Frisco in the IFL semifinals.

“It’s a play that we’ve practiced a lot and it’s for that moment. You go in and you hope to execute and we did. Donny made a great catch and that’s ultimately what got us the win,” Kurtiss Riggs said.

Sioux Falls is back in the IFL Championship, where they’ll meet the Bay Area Panthers. The two teams haven’t played this season, but that doesn’t change what’s on the line.

The Storm are seeking their 12th championship, while also playing in the final game of a decorated career for Kurtiss Riggs.

“Obviously, that’s in the back of our minds, but Riggs is very humble. He doesn’t like talking about that stuff. You’d have to ask him to bring it up, because he doesn’t bring it up on his own,” Cole Thurness said.

“It’s been tough to really think about it. The week has been so busy. It’s been such a quick turn around with travel and there’s just so many things that you’ve got to take care of before the game,” Riggs said. “I think when we get there and we finally have a chance to breath a little bit and then after the game, that’s when it’ll hit home.”

It’s been four years since the Storm reached the peak of the IFL. They’ll seek a return to the top spot by taking it one step at a time.

“After we played Mass, then we had four more quarters. Then we had to play Frisco and after we played Frisco, we have four more quarters.That’s what we harp on,” Thurness said. “We have to play one quarter at a time, obviously we have to play all four, but we’ve got to take each step at a time, we can’t skip ahead and we can’t get ahead. We’ve got to be in the moment and just play to the best of your abilities.”

Sioux Falls and Bay Area will meet on Saturday for the IFL Championship. Kick-off is set for 3:05 p.m. and you can watch the contest on CBS Sports.