SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls West is a volleyball club that strives to team girls volleyball skills, while also building a great experience. The organization has been around for several years, but now they’re looking to expand their reach.

Sioux Falls West is a local volleyball club that puts an emphasis on being affordable. The non-profit organization costs less than $700 a year on average than other clubs.

“We utilize some different techniques to keep our club dues lower, than some other competiting clubs, but we’re still a competitive volleyball experience,” Board Member Amber Rikansrud said.

The organization began in western Sioux Falls, helping fuel the Roosevelt volleyball team. The addition of Jefferson in 2021 added to their program.

“We combined the program to a west side program, but only opened it up to anyone that would be attending or was currently attending Roosevelt or Jefferson,” Rikansrud said.

Now, Sioux Falls West is expanding. They’ll span the entire city of Sioux Falls, as well as surrounding communities.

“It just allows us the ability to attract more competitive players, to be able to compete against likewise teams in some of those tournaments that are in bigger cities,” Rikansrud said.

“With tryouts coming up at the end of November, I’m excited to see who comes in from smaller towns, from Sioux Falls or wherever,” Sioux Falls West coach and former player Kaylee Wentz said.

And no matter where the players come from, Sioux Falls West will keep their focus on growing the sport.

“The coaches and all the board members, they’re just focused on you as a person and as an athlete. To see them pour into you every practice and every tournament, it’s something that a lot of other clubs might not have,” sophomore player Faith Shearer said.

“They love the game and that’s why they come. It makes me love it too. It’s a fun experience for the coaches, but the players as well,” Wentz said.

You can learn plenty more on the Sioux Falls West volleyball club by visiting their website here.