Sioux Falls Sunfish leaning on their differences to come together


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls Sunfish’s roster features players from 24 different colleges, 13 different states and 1 from Canada. But the Sunfish are embracing those difference as they make the most out of their summer together.

Houston, Texas. Atlanta Georgia. Lancaster, California

The Sunfish may play here in Sioux Falls but their roster is decorated with talent from around the country.

“That’s collegiate summer ball man. That’s what’s really cool is they come in, not only learn to play with each other but learn each other’s names, their backgrounds, where they’re from. We’ve got kids from Hawaii, we’ve got kids from Texas, California, New York, you name it,” Sunfish Manager Walker Bullington said.

“Everybody’s kind of, everybody’s different in their own way but it’s nice seeing the different cultures and stuff come together, and getting to meet new people and stuff, it’s been pretty cool,” California native Andrew Garcia said.

“Coming from Texas I never thought my roommate would be from Hawaii and that’s what’s great about baseball is you meet people from all across the world, and you get bonds just like that, and it’s amazing and that’s what I love about the game, ” Texas native Kenny Dutka said.

The closer they’ve gotten, the more they’ve began to learn.

“All of the different perspectives on where everybody plays, you know, what practices look like, what games look like, you know, the conferences and stuff. So, it’s all pretty fun information to get to know these guys and learn,” Texas native JT Mix said.

“It’s great for these guys to be around each other when it comes to maybe a different sign system, a different approach at the plate. You know, what do you do at your school when this situation pops up. So, that parts really cool to hear and as these guys get more comfortable around each other, we call it ball talk. There’s a lot of ball talk. There’s a lot of ball talk in the dugout,” Bullington said.

As the Sunfish try to climb atop the Expedition standings, they understand the relationships their forming will go far beyond the wins and losses

“Making memories with these guys and making friends out here is what it’s all about and connections as well. So, I’m having a blast out here and it’s a part of the country that I’ve never seen before,” George native Pete Weil said.

“To get these guys in here and watch them grow together and a lot of these guys will be in each others weddings, be life long friends. So, that’s a big part of this thing as much as the player development side is just developing character, developing friendships that will last for a long time,” Bullington said.

The Sunfish are playing Pierre in a two-game road series that concludes Thursday night. They’ll return home for a three-game series against Wheat City on Saturday.

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