SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls Little League baseball team is only one win away from securing a spot in the Little League World Series.

“Excited to play, little nervous but not much,” pitcher and first baseman Ryan Henry said Thursday ahead the pivotal contest.

The 11-year-old Ryan plays for the team. He and his teammates will play in the Midwest region championship game in Indiana on Friday at noon Central time.

“When you think about tomorrow Dan, it’s a pretty big opportunity for these twelve-year-olds, so I mean you’re really excited, and we all kind of get to be 12-year-olds along with them,” head coach Jesse Reisch said.

And with only one game between them and the Little League World Series, fans are rallying around these boys.

“The support has been outstanding,” Reisch said. “I mean, not only Sioux Falls but throughout the state, the region, people reaching out to the coaches to the parents even to the players a little bit, obviously family and friends, and it’s a bit overwhelming honestly, it’s pretty humbling when you have that type of support.”

“It’s awesome that everybody supports our team and everybody on the team, and it’s a great feeling,” Henry said.

The team’s game tomorrow is scheduled for noon central time; we’ll keep track of how they’re doing so stay with KELOLAND News for updates.