MINNEAPOLIS, MN (KELO) — The KELO Fanfare experience hosted it’s second trip to Minneapolis to catch SDSU’s non-conference football match up against Drake at Target Field, the home of the Minnesota Twins.

The KELOLAND Fanfare trip included a bus ride to and from the game, two meals, and fans even played games for a chance to win KELO prize giveaways.

“We got to enjoy the camaraderie of all the Jacks fans and enjoying some great Italian food in Minneapolis. The whole experience has been just amazing, get to be with family and just relaxing the whole time,” SDSU fan Andrea Mosher said.

Fans were able to spend the bus ride at ease without worrying about tedious expenses. Sharon Carlson and her husband are two SDSU alums coming from Lake Madison, and their community ties to the team led them to make the four-hour bus ride.

“The last few years it’s been particularly fun for us to watch the Jackrabbits because Jadon and Jaxon Janke are from our hometown and we watch them play football all through high school. And so now we’re enjoying watching them playing football for South Dakota State,” SDSU fan Sharon Carlson said.

The weekend game at Target Field was the third time the baseball stadium hosted a football game, an unorthodox experience that Jackrabbit supporters were excited to enjoy.

“This is not my first time there, but I wanted to do this bus tour because I really love Target Field and the Twins and being able to share the Jacks experience at Target Field is a double win for me,” Mosher said.

“This is just a great opportunity for them to get to play in a big stadium. I understand there’s a huge crowd going up to support them. So we’re all excited and we hope that they’ll have another win,” Carlson said.

The Jacks won the game over Drake 70-7 to improve to 3-0.