SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The 45th annual Ringneck tournament will feature several teams from all around the region

“Canada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri,” Ringneck Tournament Director Rick Graff said

With the wide variety of teams, comes plenty of talent. Which makes the tournament all the more enticing.

“I talked to a coach this morning, that’s the reason he’s coming to the Ringneck is because he’s been to other tournaments around and the competition just isn’t what we get in the Ringneck,” Graff told.

If you haven’t been to a softball contest as of late, Graff encourages you to go.

“The game is fast paced, quick moving and a game out here is going to last 70 minutes and you’re going to move on to another game. Girls softball is just so much fun to watch,” Graff said.

Fun for the fans and for the players as well.

“They enjoy coming. After our first pool game they do a gift exchange with the other team. I talked to a coach today that’s actually having T-shirts made for the other team to exchange with them; something to do with where ever they are from,” Graff stated.

With 128 teams playing over three days, the end prize is…

“Just seeing it all come together. Working with the other board members, all who have stepped up and done whatever they need to do. That to me is… I know we have a great group of board members. We’re always looking for more,” Graff stated.

This year’s field features 128 teams ranging from the ages U10 to U18. Games will be played at Sherman park and Harmondon park with the 3-day tournament concluding on Sunday.