OMAHA, N.E. (KELO) — Mason Miller, the son of former NBA sharpshooter and South Dakota native Mike Miller, is a redshirt freshman this year at Creighton University in Nebraska.

As we get ready to tip off March Madness, we caught up with the 6’9″ forward to find out how he’s adjusting to Division One college basketball and if he thinks he’ll one day play in the NBA too.

“Well, it’s going pretty good, first year wasn’t really playing, so just kind of getting used to it really still,” Mason said.

One of the things Mason Miller has had to get used to, playing for his uncle, Ryan Miller, who is an assistant coach at Creighton University. He says it’s been an adjustment.

Don: Is he hard on you?

Mason: Oh, yeah, definitely.

Don: More than your dad?

Mason: He’s up there, him and my dad, my dad coached me in high school too, so probably pretty close, I don’t know who is worse though.

Coach McDermott says redshirting Mason last year was a good choice for the program and for Mason.

He’s now playing about 8 minutes a game for the Blue Jays.

“He’s played a role off the bench and has played really good basketball this last month and like I said there’s great things to come and a lot of it has to do with Mike has taught him pretty well growing up,” Creighton University head coach Greg McDermott said.

His dad, Mike played 17 years in the NBA winning two titles with the Miami Heat.

Mason wears the same number his dad wore in college; number, 13, but he says there are other similarities, too. Both like to shoot and both like to rebound.

“Actually Mason’s probably a little bit more athletic. He probably gets it from his mother. She was an all-American Division One volleyball player for Florida, so he probably is a little more athletic than Mike, and a better shooter than Mike at this age,” Ryan Miller said.

Mason says he’s got a long way to go and things he still needs to work on, but his dream is to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

“I do want to make the league, that’s definitely one thing that I want to do, if that doesn’t work out there are other things I can do in life, but that’s one of my main goals,” Mason said.

Creighton is a number 6 seed and takes on North Carolina State this Friday in the NCAA tournament.