SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls was one stop on a world record attempt.

Dean Matt is trying to play pickleball in the continental U.S. in the fastest amount of time. He left his home in Florida on May 1, and Monday, he made a brief stop in Sioux Falls at GreatLife on Tennis Lane to check South Dakota off his list.

He swung around the south to the west coast and is working his way back east before working his way down the east coast. Now get this, he’s also piloting this whole mission. Here in South Dakota, he picked up his friend and Sioux Falls native Rod Anderson, who will play alongside him for five states on the tour.

“Pickleball doesn’t need me to help it grow. It doesn’t need me for much, quite honestly. It is a rapid growing sport. It’s very welcoming. I just want to spotlight the 48 communities and states that I’m visiting and being a part of,” Dean Matt said.

Matt said he was originally a racquetball player, but picked up pickleball when he and his wife moved to Florida.

He said it took 6 months to plan the tour.

We will have a full story on his journey later this week.