SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Eleven days ago, Logan Storley defeated Michael Page by a split decision, as Storley became the Bellator Welterweight Interim World Champion.

Logan Storley has been working toward a title fight ever since he signed with Bellator. On May 13th, he not only got his chance, he took full advantage of the opportunity.

“When I first started fighting, here in the RFA in the Pentagon, to be where I am now standing in London with the belt wrapped around me was a special moment,” Logan Storley said.

Though Storley won 6 state wrestling titles in high school, winning a title since has been an elusive feat.

“The heartaches of college of coming up short in the semifinals, never getting to win an NCAA title. This kind of made up for it a little bit being able to win that world title,” Bellator Interim Welterweight Champion Logan Storley said.

Storley defeated Page by a split decision, using his wrestling expertise to keep the talented striker neutralized for most the fight.

“Look what he’s done to all of these great fighters. He’s dropped Lima, Paul Daly tried to wrestle with him, and people don’t understand my, the angles and the way I went about things not to get touched much,” Storley said.

Storley defeated Page in his hometown of London, and the crowd and some others didn’t agree with the end result, but Storley didn’t seem to mind.

“Kind of had to just smile at it and say, at the end of the day, I’m a World Champ. Anybody else in that situation would do the exact same thing so they came home a world champ,” Storley said.

Now Storley joins fellow Webster alum, Brock Lesnar, as a World Mixed Martial Arts Champion.

“For the state of South Dakota that backed me the whole way, been supportive. It meant a lot to bring it back home to South Dakota, to have a world champion and I was really proud to do that,” Storley said.

Storley is now the interim welterweight champ, and and has earned the chance to face current champion Yaroslav Amosov, to unify the titles.

Amosov pulled out of the original title fight against Page, due to the war in his home country of Ukraine, allowing Storley to fight for the belt.

Amosov is also the only person to beat Storley in his professional career, a split decision back November of 2020.