SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — High school sports are known for teamwork, athleticism and injuries.

While football players are practicing their plays at Roosevelt High School, they are being closely monitored by the coach and Scott Roggenbuck, an athletic trainer from Sanford Health.

“So we are at all practices: football, volleyball, as much soccer as we can get to during the fall and games as well,” said Scott Roggenbuck, athletic trainer with Sanford Health.

He has worked at Roosevelt for the last 18 years keeping players healthy and mostly injury-free.

“We can take the injuries from when we see them to the return to play if it’s something that severe,” Roggenbuck said.

Players say he is as much part of the team, as the coaches and other players are.

“If someone hurts their ankle or wrists he can tape that, and after practice, he’ll put buckets out with ice, just sit in the ice bath for a bit,” Senior John Parker, wide receiver, said.

“I’ll end up calling him coach just cause of the respect point of that. I respect him like any of my coaches or teammates… I respect him because of how he helps the team you know,” Sophomore David Yusten, left guard, said.

And having eyes on the players means the coaches can keep their eyes on the game.

“Having a full-time trainer at practice, at games, all the time, it’s a tremendous load off my shoulders and all of our coaches,” Kim Nelson, head coach, said.

Roggenbuck says another big part of his job is educating students so they can heal correctly and prevent future injuries.