BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — If you’re an NFL football fan and you happen to play fantasy football, Philadelphia’s tight end, and former SDSU Jackrabbit, Dallas Goedert may be someone to keep an eye on this season.

Dallas Goedert’s been scoring touchdowns since the days of grade school

“When I first fell in love with football was honestly on the playground at recess. Me and my class would be out there all the time, every recess we we’re fighting, kicking each other. I would go home and tell my Mom ‘yea I scored so many touchdowns, nobody could touch me,” Goedert said.

But he was more than just a football player

“Whatever season it was was my favorite sport,” Goedert said. “Whether it was football season, I loved football. Basketball season, I loved basketball and so on.”

When it came time to make this college choice, he knew SDSU was the place to be.

“Being able to be with guys who loved the game as much as I did. Being able to wake up in the morning, complaining about having to go to morning conditioning. That was just the grind of it and that was honestly one of the things I loved the most,” Goedert said.

And the grind was necassary… Goedert was dream chasing.

“I remember being a kid looking up to, you know, Brett Favre, Bubba Franks, some of those guys and it’s like I wanna be them,” Goedert said.

And he would be.

“I got drafted in 2018 I believe and I played my first three years with Philadelphia and I’m going on year four now and it’s been a blessing,” Goedert said.

With Zach Ertz possible leaving the team, Goedert is next in line to become the Eagles go to target

“I’m excited to get back there, learn from new guys, hear how they’ve learned the game and love the game. So, just going into year four I just want to keep progressing, getting better each and every year and eventually get to the end goal and win a super bowl,” Goedert said.