SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The South Dakota Junior Football Program has been around since 1969.

“My kids are involved in South Dakota Junior Football, it’s a great program. I just got more and more interested as we moved through out the years helping coach my kids and it can’t get any better than that,” President of South Dakota Junior Football JJ Keiso said.

This season the league is will be adding a new opportunity, creating a division for girls junior football.

“I think there’s a little bit of a fear with parents, I don’t know if I want my daughter playing and I’m just kind of guessing at it, I’m not a psychologist I don’t know for sure, just a feeling that they’re worried about their daughters,” Board member Korry Petterson said.

“They may have older brothers or something that they play in the backyard with, kind of scared to play with the boys, a lot of times the girls are tougher than the boys really. So, they can come out, they can play, have fun, learn the games so when they’re watching the game in thye NFL or college they know what’s going on

Peterson who’s already helped coach girls football out on the east coast echos what Keiso claims

“I’ve had a couple of girls on our tackle teams out in Pittsburgh and I agree with JJ, the grls were tougher than most of the boys. They worked harder. They took the hits and dished out the hits and they’re fun to work with,” Petterson said.

The league still has registration open if you’d like to join

“It doesnt happen over night but our vision is to grow so every girl can have the oportunity to come out and play football if they’d like,” Keiso stated.

“I’d like to encourage any moms or sisters that want to get involved, we want everybody,” Petterson said.

You can sign up within the link below: