SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Dating back to their days when they played as a part of the NAIA, The Sioux Falls Cougars have formed a winning tradition and they’ve often done so through a powerful running game and this year is no different.

“Shoot if I could I’d do this forever but it does feel like my sixth year,” USF senior running back Thuro Reisdorfer said with a smile.

Over half a decade ago, after winning back to back state championships as a Washington Warrior, there was thought that Thuro Reisorfer would play linebacker at USF.

“I talked to the OC, it was his first day and then I talked to coach ‘A’ and I was like I love scoring Touchdowns, I don’t know what to tell you.. can I play running back? I was going to walk-on anyways so I was going to have to grind either way to earn a spot on the team and they gave me the chance and I ran with it,” Reisdorfer remarked.

Entering his third year as a Cougar, Reisdorfer was expected to be the second string running back behind Gabe Watson, who had set the single season rushing record at USF the year before, however…

“Six minutes before first kickoff, I don’t know if this was like a lingering injury but he got hurt, he had like a hamstring injury, so they told me I was starting six minutes before the game,” Reisdorfer recalled.

Reisdorfer would finish the year with 11 hundred yards and 13 touchdowns followed by another thousand yard season in 2021.

“He’s a self made player. That’s why it’s so exciting to see him have the success that he does and he’s remained humble through the whole time frame and he’s really just a dependable guy that is going to practice every day, going to lift his teammates up everyday and he’s going to be productive every single Saturday,” USF Head Coach Jon Anderson said.

Through four games this season, Reisdorfer has already amassed nearly 500 yards on the ground and 7 touchdowns, while the Coo are still undefeated.

“Through fall camp and these first couple games I’ve just been really trying to soak it in as much as be in it but I’m just enjoying every minute of it man because I know I’m going to miss it like crazy,” Reisdorfer stated.

Reisdorfer was named this weeks NSIC Offensive Player of the Week. The Cougars will travel across town to take on Augustana this coming Saturday at 1pm.