SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The Sanford Legends for kids event continued at Augustana University with Former NFL standout and Super Bowl champion Ed McCaffrey in attendance.

“Football is the greatest team sport in the world, I know a lot of football coaches say that but you got people from all different walks of life. Physically big guys, small guys, fast guys, strong guys, people from all over the country with different family dynamics and you have to learn how to sacrifice its about being part of a team,” McCaffrey said.

McCaffrey had quite the storied career.

“So I played in the NFL, was blessed to be on some great teams with so many hall of fame players and coaches, won three super bowls,” McCaffery remebered.

But when he began coaching his own children, his coaching approach would need adjusting.

“I started out with my Denver Broncos playbook for 5th graders and after a couple of minutes I was like this isn’t working and I asked the guys to raise their right and left hand and embarrassingly half of them didn’t know their right from left,” McCaffrey said with a smile.

“So I walked back and put my playbook in my car and started from scratch and learned how to coach little league,” McCaffrey stated.

Now a days when McCaffrey is helping out with the youth, he looks back to those days of parenthood.

“I think being a father kind of helped me in spending thousands and thousands and thousands of hours around kids this age. I remember the hope they have in their eyes and the excitement and anticipation. So that’s what these camps are all about,” McCaffrey said.

After raising four boys, with two of them making the to the NFL, his advice to parents is simple.

“You have to allow them to experience things on their own. You can’t be too much of a helicopter parent. You actually learn and grown by making mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay not to win everything, it’s okay not to be perfect, that’s how you grow and you learn and, you know, I think most children, I can speak for myself, what you really want to know is that your parents love you and are proud of you,” McCaffrey remarked.