DWU heptathlon athlete ineligible for nationals due to email error


After a technological glitch, a Dakota Wesleyan University senior can’t compete in the NAIA national heptathlon championship.

Kamberlyn Lamer is ranked number one in the heptathlon in the NAIA, but won’t be able to compete in nationals because the registration email was sent to a spam folder.

“I did nothing to be able to control what happened, and I think its very unfair on how they are able to just take away everything that I worked hard for,” Kamberlyn Lamer, DWU student athlete, said.

The NAIA didn’t accept any of DWU’s appeals for Lamer.

“We just feel really terrible about it. When we appealed it to the NAIA they did indicate to us that the appeals process really only looks at if the NAIA made an error and none of their appeals process seem to allow for an institutional error,” Amy Novak, DWU President, said.

Lamer said she doesn’t wish this on any athlete because she knows all the effort put in to getting to nationals.

“I’ve worked for four years in seven events, and I had to specialize in all of those events and get techniques perfect in all of them to get where I am and now, they just took it away from me,” Kamberlyn Lamer said.

After years of dedication, she isn’t able to fulfill what she worked for.

“You always have your dreams and your goals and that was my dream and my goal… to be a heptathlon champion,” Kamberlyn Lamer said.

Lamer said her new goal is to start a petition to change the NAIA’s appeal process.

KELOLAND News did reach out to the NAIA, both via email and phone, but the association never responded. 

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