SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – “Nearly a month ago I was shooting some hoops at a local rec center when I noticed a young kid making basket after basket. The talent was obvious but what struck me most was the intense focus at such a young age”

“He is doing things a little sooner, a little faster, a little better because his brother is pushing him to do that,” Yvette Christion said of her sons.

Growing up in Lennox, 9-year old Benaiah Christion has been guided under the wing of his older brother Steven, a former standout athlete for the Orioles.

“Steven has been a really good role model, You know, they are like eight years apart but Steven has treated Benaiah almost like his equal you know,” Roy Christion said.

And that means sometimes things can get competitive, like a recent game of 1-on-1 basketball.

“I let him win one game but then I beat him the next,” Steven Christion stated.

“You did not let me win,” Benaiah Christion quickly added while shaking his head.

This summer during AAU basketball, Benaiah has been playing up a whole age group with the 10 year old’s, a challenge he gladly accepted.

“I was just excited to see if I could ball out,” Benaiah remarked.

But the youngster has also began to excel in both football and baseball.

“Even for pitching in baseball, Benaiah, he’ll see someone throw a baseball a certain way, a pitch a certain way, he’ll go out in the backyard.. I thought I was going to have to replace our neighbors fence, seriously,” Roy Christion said with a laugh.

And that focus extends beyond athletics.

“Benaiah is driven in every single aspect, school as well, he goes for A’s. When he doesn’t get A’s wants to redo it and get it. He is very extremely driven and very hard on himself,” Yvette told.

“He wants to be not necessarily pushed but he just wants to be challenged,” Roy said. “As long as he’s got a challenge he’s happy. He doesn’t want it easy. So, just seeing how driven he is, that makes me proud.”