SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Acrobatics and tumbling is a growing sport across the country, though there are no teams in the Midwest — until now.

The Vikings acrobatics and tumbling team took to the mat for the first time in school history.

“Crazy, it’s kind of unbelievable,” Augustana base/tumbler, Paige Simon said.

“Feelings indescribable of having it all happen,” Augustana head coach, Kaelyn Cowan said.

Augustana’s first ever meet would welcome in Oregon, a top five team in the country.

“When I went into this competition, I was very nervous because this is the first-year program and I’m not sure exactly how it was going to go. But then we came out strong we did what we knew we could do, practiced a thousand times,” Augustana base/tumbler Kay Greene said.

Despite being in their first year, Augie would fall to the Ducks by just 17 points.

“It’s an amazing feat to just come out here and start a program. It’s tough! Six months ago, or five months ago, we first started practice, they have never done this before in their lives. So, coming out today and competing against a team that’s amazing, like the University of Oregon, and just kind of hanging around and holding their own was really awesome,” coach Cowan said.

With their first meet in the rear-view mirror, the Vikings took note of what to improve going forward.

“We are going to make some changes definitely in the acro event. We will also probably upgrade some tumbling passes because today we just wanted to hit and feel good about it. So we went with some that were more comfortable with, so we might push that a little bit more now that we’ve competed,” coach Cowan said.

Given the loss, spirits are still high, and history has been made here at Augustana.

“I think we have nowhere to go but up! There’s a few slip ups here and there, which are bound to happen especially at a first meet of the year and especially with the first year program. I’m excited to get back in the gym next week and start upgrading some things,” coach Cowan said.