When someone cares enough to craft a handmade family heirloom, such as a quilt, an afghan or anything knitted or crocheted, the first question that usually comes to mind is: “How do I care for something so precious?” It’s a question that Nancy Nelson-Kremer with Your Quilt is Ready! has heard many times. Unfortunately, she’s also heard the horror stories about someone tossing a handcrafted creation into the washing machine, only to have it unravel, shrink or fall apart. Thankfully, Nancy stopped by to set us straight on how to launder and store the handmade crafts that you’ll be picking up at our upcoming KELOLAND Living Arts and Crafts Show next month.

Laundering quilts
Storing quilts

You can find Nancy at the Your Quilt is Ready! Booth at our upcoming KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts Show on October 15th and 16th, so mark your calendar now. It will be the perfect time to make arrangements to have a quilt created from grandma’s old dresses or your grandchild’s high school jerseys and t-shirts for the special someone on your Christmas list. We know your friends and family will be touched by the extra thought you put into your gift giving this year. If you just can’t wait until October or have a special request, you can reach Nancy by calling 605-951-2034. You can also reach her by email at quiltsd@yahoo.com.