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Which Santa Claus letters are best?

It’s the holiday season when mailboxes fill up with cards and letters wishing joy, health and happiness through the season and in the year to come. Children welcome holiday greetings from grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends, but only one letter fills them with relief and total glee. That’s the letter they get from jolly old Saint Nick, telling them they made the nice list and it will surely be a Merry Christmas.

Parents or relatives needing a little assistance in penning the most crucial letter for children of the season can choose from many options. The Personalized Letter from Santa Claus and Envelope + Personalized NICE LIST Certificate with Name is a top pick for parents who want to give their children extra confirmation that they made the good list and will get a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve. 

What to know before you buy a Santa Claus letter


When purchasing a Santa Claus letter, you should consider how authentic you want it to look. Most letters from Santa Claus are printed on Santa Claus letterhead. Not all letters from Saint Nick will have envelopes with postmarks from the North Pole, an image and the “official” signature of the man himself.


Who is receiving the letter is crucial to consider. If your budget allows, a letter to each of your children personalized with their names is an ideal choice. When ordering, you must be sure to fill in the child’s name who is receiving the note before completing your order. You could also choose to send one Santa Claus letter to all of your children and would have to provide a list of names for the printer.


Santa Claus’ letters should bring children happiness. How the letter reads should be light-hearted, fun and confirm for the child that their behavior will be rewarded. If you don’t want your child to think they will get everything they wished for, you may want to make sure the Santa Claus letter specifies that he will TRY to fulfill their wishes. 

What to look for in a quality Santa Claus letter

The note

All Santa Claus letters come with a note that tells children he has received notice from someone that they have been good all year and deserve their Christmas wishes to be fulfilled. Some letters say he witnessed their goodness and kindness all year, and some say he heard from his elves.


Santa Clause letters typically have a picture of Saint Nick somewhere on the pager to give a more authentic appearance to the letter.


Most Santa Claus letters come with an official signature from Saint Nick himself.


Some Santa Claus letters include an envelope with a return address stamp that says it came from the North Pole.


Some of the higher-end letters include a certificate of proof that confirms that the child was good all year and has made the nice list.

How much CAN you expect to spend on A Santa Claus letter

A typical Santa Claus letter can cost from $2-$20 depending on how detailed the letter is, whether it is personalized and if it comes with an envelope, certificate or comes as a kit.

Santa Claus letter FAQ

How did the Santa Claus letter tradition begin?

A. The tradition began as a kind of scare tactic for children. Parents would write the message in Santa Claus’ voice, often warning children that their behavior might have fallen short of expectations. As gifts became a more significant part of the holiday, the annual tradition shifted to children writing wish lists to Santa.

How did children get their letters to Santa Claus?

A. Before the U.S. post office found a solution for Santa Claus mail, children would place their letters safely by the fireplace, and they would magically turn to smoke and fly off to the man in the North Pole.

How do Santa Claus letters get answered?

A. Letters must be explicitly addressed to Santa Claus, and the post office will allow people and organizations that are previously approved to respond to them.

What are the best Santa Claus letters to buy?

Top Santa Claus letter

Modern Pink Paper/Personalized Letter from Santa Claus and Envelope

Modern Pink Paper/Personalized Letter from Santa Claus and Envelope

What you need to know: This Santa Letter has all the bells and whistles, it comes on crisp white paper with red lines that make it reminiscent of candy canes, has a cheerful note confirming good behavior will be rewarded, includes a flying reindeer sleigh that leads the eye to Santa’s official signature.   

What you’ll love: In addition to the letter itself, this item includes an envelope embossed with a return address to the North Pole, and you can purchase it as a kit with a certificate any child will cherish for a lifetime.

What you should consider: This is a very popular letter kit and could be sold out if you don’t order early, and you must remember when purchasing to include the name of the child to whom you should address it. Forgetting this step will result in your receiving a blank letter. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Santa Claus letter for the money

SantasMagicWorshop/Letter from Santa Claus Premium Custom Bundle

SantasMagicWorshop/Letter from Santa Claus Premium Custom Bundle

What you need to know: This Santa Claus letter can be completely personalized with information that only “Santa” would see, you can provide as many or as few details as you like and the letter will be specially crafted on fine paper in a script befitting the man of the season, with all the elements that are sure to make even the most skeptical child a believer.

What you’ll love: The letter comes complete with an envelope and a certificate, with metallic foil borders, printed on sturdy card stock, high-quality accents and a raised sticker stamp.  

What you should consider: This Santa Claus letter is at the higher end of the price range. It is a popular item and you should order early to ensure receipt ahead of Christmas Eve.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

inkNwhimsy/Hand-Written Letters From Santa! Or Elf on the Shelf

inkNwhimsy/Hand-Written Letters From Santa! Or Elf on the Shelf

What you need to know: This is a 100% customizable letter handwritten in calligraphy with words you provide the designer. 

What you’ll love: The letters can be from Santa or the Elf on the Shelf, can be for the baby’s first Christmas, a skeptical child or a goodbye letter to an older child ready to give up the fantasy. 

What you should consider: Each letter is sprinkled with sparkle dust. The seller warns if this is a problem, request it not be included. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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