The only thing better than going to a game or event is the pregame party in the parking lot with friends. While you might already have your tailgating accessories taken care of, many classic items have game-changing updates. There are also new items you might not have seen before that can help you win big with your crew.

Whether you are the master of the grill or always bring the best games, there are 13 must-have accessories for a tailgate party that everyone should consider.

Tailgating is typically the preamble to the main event, though it does continue post-event on occasion. That detail is really up to you, your friends and the venue.

What are must-have accessories for tailgating?

Since the primary goal is to have a good time, the music, games, drinks and food should all be delivered as effortlessly as possible so that everyone can partake in the parking lot shenanigans.

The 10 must-have accessories for tailgating are items that can elevate everyone’s experience. They are also durable enough to handle the packing and unpacking event after event without getting destroyed.

Must-have setup accessories for tailgating

A good setup is vital for an excellent tailgating experience. There are seven primary must-have accessories for tailgating.

  • Canopy tent: You can get a stand-alone tent or one that attaches to the back of your vehicle.
  • Chairs: These come in standard varieties. Some come with added details, including built-in canopies, cup holders, plush seats and small tables.
  • Folding table: A quality table is weatherproof and highly rated and can take the weight of whatever you plan to put on it.
  • Portable speakers: Standard speakers can get the job done, but consider looking for ones that will last longer with waterproofing, a quality sound and long battery life.
  • Trash can: Consider new designs that attach to your vehicle, or go for a pop-up trash can with a lid for easy waste management.
  • Heater: An outdoor heater is essential during cold-weather games. Some run on propane and can last hours.
  • Generator: While this is an investment, it can save you the hassle of losing power when you need it most.

Must-have food accessories for tailgating

Cooking supplies are must-have accessories for tailgating. While everyone’s list varies, there are several basics every crew should have to fulfill their feasting needs.

  • Hand sanitizer: Ensure that you bring multiple bottles.
  • Cooler: You can get coolers with solar panels and built-in refrigeration, but a high-quality standard cooler is apt to last the longest.
  • Tableware: If you wish to reduce the amount of waste your crew creates, consider reusable plates and flatware.
  • Grill: You can get an electricgas or charcoal grill.
  • Grill essentials: Depending on your grill type, you might need a lighter, propane, charcoal and lighter fluid.
  • Grill tools: These typically come with grill essentials, such as knives, a bottle opener and a spatula.
  • Cooking caddy: This small tailgating accessory can help you keep everything you need, such as condiments and napkins, in one spot.
  • Dish covers: These lightweight bug nets can save your food from pests.
  • Plastic containers: These versatile items let you transport and store the food you are not using.