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Which wood bed frames are best?

Wood bed frames are a classic choice for a reason. They can be durable and long-lasting, but low-quality options can also be flimsy, so you must shop around to find the best wood bed frame. 

Once you know what to look for in a wood bed frame and have checked out some recommended products, it will be easier to choose a quality offering. If you’re looking for a solid wood bed frame with a contemporary rustic look, the Acacia Emery 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frame is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a wood bed frame

Solid wood vs. engineered wood

Solid wood is solid wood timber, while engineered wood is a substance made from various wood products, often known as wood composite particleboard or mass lumber. This is topped with a layer of wood veneer or laminate, so it looks like solid wood. While you can find some high-quality engineered wood bed frames, there are also some cheap, low-quality offerings out there. Solid wood bed frames are more expensive but are sturdy and highly durable

Headboard and footboard

Should you choose a bed frame with a headboard and footboard? Ultimately, that’s up to you. Headboards make it more comfortable to sit up in bed, while footboards help keep the mattress from sliding down over the end of the bed, although this isn’t an issue if there’s a lip around the edge of the slats to keep the mattress in place. 


Wood bed frames come in all the standard bed frame sizes you’d expect, from twin to king. Unless you’re replacing your mattress, you’ll need to buy the same size bed frame as the size of your mattress. Generally speaking, twin bed frames are beds for kids, full bed frames are best for teenagers or adults who sleep alone and queen and king bed frames are best for adults who share a bed. 

What to look for in a quality wood bed frame

Platform design

The majority of bed frames sold today are platform beds. These are bed frames you can put your mattress directly on top of without the need for a box spring. 

Color or finish

You can find wood bed frames in a wide range of natural wood finishes, such as cherry, oak and pine, as well as painted wood finishes like black, white or gray. Consider your preferences and the finish of your existing bedroom furniture before you buy. 


Some wood bed frames have built-in drawers or other storage solutions, which is useful if you’re short on closet space. 

How much you can expect to spend on a wood bed frame

You can find basic wooden bed frames from around $150-$200, while high-end solid wood bed frames can cost well over $1,000. 

Wood bed frame FAQ

How long does a wood bed frame last? 

A. You can expect an average wood bed frame to last around 10 years without any issues. That said, some antique wooden bed frames are hundreds of years old, so a high-end bed frame made from solid wood could potentially last you a lifetime. The slats that support the mattress are often the first parts to break or become worn, but it’s possible to replace the slats if you don’t want to replace the whole frame. 

How do you stabilize a wood bed frame? 

A. If your wooden bed frame doesn’t feel as stable as you’d like it to, it may just require some adjustment. First off, remove the mattress, so you have access to all the parts of the bed frame you need to work on, then start by tightening all the screws or bolts. Check the center beam in the middle of the slats and tighten it or reinforce it if necessary. Next, take a look at the slats themselves to see if any need replacing or reattaching. If everything is in order, your floor could be uneven, so you may need to wedge something under one or two legs to stabilize the frame. 

What are the best wood bed frames to buy?

Top wood bed frame

Acacia Emery 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frame

Acacia Emery 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frame

What you need to know: This durable, high-quality solid wood bed frame blends traditional materials with a modern edge. 

What you’ll love: The frame is available in queen and king sizes with a chocolate or caramel finish. It’s made from solid acacia wood with plywood slats. The lip around the platform keeps the mattress from sliding out of place. 

What you should consider: Some users report receiving broken or duplicate pieces, but this is a slim minority. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wood bed frame for the money

Zinus Wen Deluxe Wood Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Wen Deluxe Wood Platform Bed Frame

What you need to know: This affordable wooden bed frame has a steel interior framework for durability. 

What you’ll love: This bed frame has a simple, contemporary design without a headboard or footboard. It’s extremely easy to assemble with the slats attached using a Velcro system. You can choose from four finishes. 

What you should consider: The wooden parts of the frame are only quite thin, relying on the inner metal frame for support, so it may lack durability over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Homestyles Naples Bed Frame

Homestyles Naples Bed Frame

What you need to know: A stunning, sturdy wood bed frame, this option is great for traditional-style bedrooms. 

What you’ll love: It features a paneled headboard and footboard, giving this frame a classic look. You can choose a cherry finish or painted wood finish in black or white. This is an ideal choice for innerspring mattresses. 

What you should consider: It’s made from a blend of solid wood and engineered wood, but it isn’t clear how much each is and it needs a box spring.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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