A high-speed chase over country roads on a summer evening of 2017 resulted in a horrific crash. Three young people in the pickup running from law enforcement all suffered broken necks.  We may never know why the 23-year-old driver chose to take off.  And another question lingers: why did law enforcement chose to pursue the pickup truck with two passengers inside? 

KELOLAND Investigates researched pursuit policies in nearby states.  Review what we found in the map below. 

Policy Standards

An international expert believes these three questions should be part of the policy standards applied to the evaluation of a pursuit, as well as to the decision to continue a pursuit.  

  1. If the pursuit were to result in injury or death, would a reasonable person understand why the pursuit occurred or was necessary?
  2. Is the need to immediately catch the suspect more important than the risk created by the pursuit?
  3. Do the dangers created by the pursuit exceed the dangers posed by letting the perpetrator escape?
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