Why You Should Close Unused Online Accounts

Your Money Matters

From a Macy’s account to Myspace, there’s a good chance you have an online profile that you no longer use. 

While you might not think these so-called zombie accounts are a big deal, they could set you up for big problems. 

Lyle Hutchinson uses social media to promote his poetry. 

“My poetry hits the internet, and it goes live across the world,” Hutchinson said.

However, the Sioux Falls man admits some of his old sites have lost their rhythm. 

“I will say I started a Myspace, and I never touch it,” Hutchinson said.

With hacking in the news constantly, Jessie Schmidt with the Better Business Bureau says you should make sure you close those unwanted accounts. 

“Did you have old bank statements going to that account? Did you have credit card statements being emailed to you at that account?” Schmidt said.

Even if scammers don’t get your financial information, Schmidt says it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your data. 

“An email can be sent out to your entire contact list saying, ‘I’m traveling. I’m now overseas. My wallet has been stolen. I need some cash.’ We’ve seen that scam before,” Schmidt said.

It can be difficult to close old accounts, especially if you don’t remember the passwords. Schmidt says the easiest thing to do is Google it. Look up things like, “How do you close a Myspace account.”

“Then you don’t need to reach out to a contact us and hope someone emails you back and gives you the correct information,” Schmidt said.

A step that Hutchinson knows he should take, but it won’t break him away from sharing his poetry passion. 

“We have this ability to reach out to everybody on every corner on the planet,” Hutchinson said.

Schmidt says you should also change your passwords frequently, and make sure they’re not common ones. 

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