Website now connecting Sioux Falls consumers with available snow removal companies

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With all of the snow piling up Wednesday, many people may be in search of some help for snow removal. A new website and app recently launched in Sioux Falls to help connect customers with available snow removal companies.

GreenPal has been described as Uber for lawn care and snow removal,” GreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero said.

GreenPal started in Sioux Falls last year, connecting homeowners with lawn care companies, but two weeks ago, they also launched a new snow removal connection service. 

“Customers can just go to our website, enter in their address and the day they want the service done,” Caballero said. “That alerts all the pre-screened vendors in the area that there’s a new job for them to bid.”

“I get a text message and an alert and an email, so right away I just look at it, I check out the property from an aerial view and just bid from there,” Brendan Scherschligt, the owner of Might Mowers said.

Scherschligt has used GreenPal over the past year to get new customers for company Might Mowers. His company is now ranked the number one Sioux Falls vendor on GreenPal.

“It’s definitely good for business when you’re trying to get started and it’s really convenient for the customers as well,” Scherschligt said.

“If you’re in the middle of a snow storm and you call 10 people, you’re probably going to get 10 voicemails,” Caballero said. “GreenPal, the beauty of our product is, it connects you to the people that are available, so you know the people that are bidding on that job are available on that day.”

GreenPal can not only save people time, but vendors say that competition can also save you money. 

“Absolutely, especially for that initial time,” Scherschligt said.

And even though a lawn care company may be just starting out in Sioux Falls, GreenPal vets all vendors before they’re added to the website.

“They have to be 18 years old, have to have a valid social security number, you have to have a valid bank account, commercial grade equipment, references and pictures of your previous work,” Caballero said.

GreenPal also gives customers reviews, ratings and photo samples of the vendors work, giving consumers more information before they select which bid to accept.

“Sometimes I’m a little over bid, but customers have come to realize we do a higher quality job than other places, they’re able to see that on GreenPal,” Scherschligt said. “So sometimes it’s worth spending a couple extra dollars to get us as opposed to the next guy.”

GreenPal takes 5% of the bid from the vendors, but is totally free for homeowners to use. Right now the service is only available in the Sioux Falls area. 

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