SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The ever-changing spring weather continues to delay the start of a favorite Saturday event for shoppers in Sioux Falls. Gift & Thrift’s first outdoor sale of the season has now been delayed until May.

“The goal was just to give people an outlet to sell their goods,” Gift & Thrift owner Peggy Taylor said.

Taylor opened Gift & Thrift 12 years ago and has seen tremendous growth since then.

“We have 102 vendors now,” Taylor said. “Some people are on a waiting list for quite a while, keeping in mind we’ve had some of the same vendors for years.”

“Been here about 10 years,” vendor Keith Anderson said.

Anderson and his wife have run a booth of secondhand treasures at Gift & Thrift for a decade now as one of their favorite hobbies.

“It’s fun. It’s even more fun now since I retired,” Anderson said.

Gift & Thrift is much more than a thrift store; while they do have plenty of vintage and secondhand items, many of the vendors actually handmake a lot of their items.

“That’s what we strive to get at is the variety, everything from the bags and boards, to canned goods, to candies, handmade metal works, to crocheted items, the retro the vintage,” Taylor said.

“There’s just a lot of different vendors,” Gift & Thrift Vendor Amoreena Barber said. 

Barber has had her handmade business, Korny Bean Bags, showcased at Gift and Thrift for 12 years.

“It is definitely a lot easier to advertise here instead of just running it out of your home,” Barber said.

Throughout the past year of inflation and other economic concerns, Taylor says Gift & Thrift has become an even more popular stop.

“I think that we’ve gained a lot of customers out of it, sometimes in families money is tight,” Taylor said.

“It gets pretty busy,” Barber said.

While there’s always traffic in the store, Gift & Thrifts’ Saturday outdoor sales draw the biggest crowd.

“They are very, very popular, then the outside of the store and the inside of the store is full of items,” Taylor said.

“It should have been one a little sooner but it’s always providing weather,” Anderson said. “The outdoor sale is always the first Saturday of every month, providing the weather, sometimes we get into November with it being ok.”

They’ve started their Saturday sales in March before, but this year the first outdoor sale at Gift & Thrift has been postponed until May 6th. It will continue every first Saturday of the month as long as the weather holds.