SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The weather is causing even more delays for landscaping crews who are working to keep up with the increased demand from all of the new homes built in the Sioux Falls region over the past year.

In tonight’s Your Money Matters, how long homeowners are waiting for new lawns and how high costs continue to climb.

“I’ve never heard wind like this; I’ve never seen dirt fly around like this,” Ellen Dirnberger said during an April interview. 

We caught up with Ellen Dirnberger at her new eastern Sioux Falls home last month when the extreme wind was blowing dirt like snow all over her neighborhood.

“Our lawn is still a disaster,” Dirnberger said. “It looks like a bunch of little rivers running through it from the gutters and we don’t really have grass at the moment.”

The wind and wilD spring weather in KELOLAND is one reason the Dirnbergers are still some of the many new Sioux Falls homeowners still waiting for their yard to be installed this spring.

“We’ve been told, maybe a month, we’re just not really sure. I know with all of the new builds we are trying to be patient with all of it,” Dirnberger said. 

In the first half of last year, the city of Sioux Falls added 321 new single-family homes…

“If they’re building, we have work,” Christopher Harkness with Parkway Sod and Sprinkler said. 

…creating a backlog of sod and sprinkler installs for landscaping companies all over the region.

“It’s been like this for a few years,” Harkness said.

Along with the continued increased demand, landscapers are also dealing with increased costs.

“Our cost of fertilizer has doubled in the last two years, materials have gone up roughly 10 percent. Everything, fuel is the big thing,” Harkness said. 

While the cost of a new yard and sprinkler system may be up…

“We have two littles and they just really want to go run outside and we have a dog, so that makes it a disaster, constant mud everywhere,” Dirnberger said. 

Turning their dirt into a yard is priceless for homeowners like Dirnberger who can’t wait to enjoy the warmer weather.

“My daughter was really excited, she was like mom does that mean I get to have a playground I said no we need grass first, but she knows that it’s on its way,” Dirnberger said. 

While fuel costs play a big role in the increased cost of sod, the labor market is another major factor impacting landscaping costs.