SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)–A new storefront is now open in the Cascade building near Falls Park in downtown Sioux Falls.

The popular service Victory Ink is now offering in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“Tell me a little bit about your eyebrows,” Victory Ink owner Rachel Lemons said.

Over the past few years, permanent makeup has become an incredibly popular trend across the country.

“I absolutely love them. I don’t have to worry about like in the morning I don’t have to take that time in the morning to fill in my eyebrows,” Victory Ink client Sara Woods said.

“Then you can wake up with brows that aren’t going to smudge off when you go to the gym,” Lemons said.

But beyond eyebrows, the new permanent makeup provider now open in the Cascades building offers a wide range of services.

“Victory Ink studio does permanent cosmetics, so permanent tattooing, brows, microblading, lash line enhancement, lip blushing, stretch mark revision and permanent jewelry,” Lemons said.

Owner Rachel Lemons spent the past few years becoming certified in many different areas of permanent makeup

“I have done master-level training in Miami a few times, Las Vegas, Denver,” Lemons said.

That includes training on a specialized ink removal using natural ingredients that are safer for skin.

“There aren’t a lot of artists in this area, as far as I know, I’m the only artist in a few states that does Xtract Ink Chelation Removal,” Lemons said. “That removal is for any type of tattoo. I focus on permanent makeup that has been done poorly or oversaturated.”

“It’s really important that you look like yourself and know how beautiful you are,” Lemons said.

Lemons says she focuses on personalized appointments that help clients have a role in creating their customized look.

“She’s very detail-oriented. Just the amount of love and questions she asks you,” Woods said.

“We focus on really hyper-realistic results, things that look very, very natural. It’s very customized, everything is dependent on what the client’s skin looks like, their lifestyle, we ask a lot of questions, make them part of the process so they get the best results,” Lemons said.

Victory Ink also serves as a training center for others looking to get certified as a permanent makeup artist.

Lemmons is also partnering with human trafficking agencies to help remove any tattooing or branding they encounter.