SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A day after the FDA banned the sale of Juul e-cigarettes, a federal appeals court temporarily blocks that decision.  

“Initially these products were marketed as an alternative to quit smoking,” Sioux Falls Public Health Director Dr. Charles Chima said. 

But public health officials have become increasingly concerned about the number of teens using these nicotine products.

“It is a growing problem in South Dakota as a whole,” Dr. Chima said. “In 2019, about 1 in 2, so over 50% of high school students have tried a vaping product.

The FDA says the ban on all Juul products is aimed at helping reduce those numbers.

“Their products have more and more targeted kids,” Dr. Chima said. “The colors and flavors they use are more appealing to kids.”

“We stopped carrying Juul about two or three years ago when they made it just the menthol and tobacco flavors available,” High End Glass and Tobacco owner Rodney Kramer said. 

Kramer says most Sioux Falls vape shops don’t carry Juul products anyway.

“I can see more the gas stations sell more of the Juul and stuff. The smoke shops it’s not as popular here. The reason we stopped carrying it is because it wasn’t selling for us,” Kramer said. 

While Juul is now gone there are plenty of other companies to take its place. It’s why vendors say they’re not sure this ban is going to make much of an impact on sales.

“There is hundreds and hundreds of companies making these disposables,” Kramer said. “We carry probably 20 to 30 other brands right now that have just tons of flavors.”

But health officials believe the FDA ban on Juul products would help make a difference in teen vaping use across the country.

“It matters because Juul is a big player in the market,” Dr. Chima said. “About one in four high school kids who use e-cigarettes use a Juul Product.

The Juul FDA ban applies to all vaping devices and their tobacco and menthol-flavored cartridges.