SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Vance Thompson Vision is growing once gain, adding two new physicians and expanding services in Sioux Falls.

What’s fueling the growth of this longtime eye care provider in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“Vance Thompson started here over 30 years,” Dr. Daniel Terveen, an Ophthalmology Specialist at Vance Thompson Vision said. 

Since then the eye care center has trained countless providers at its Sioux Falls headquarters, spreading Vance Thompson’s vision for care all over the Midwest.

“Grown to seven sites in five different states and a whole bunch of different providers,” Terveen said. “Started in Fargo, then added Alexandria, Sioux City, Omaha along with practices in Montana.”

Now Vance Thompson is growing the Sioux Falls practice with the addition of new oculoplastics and retina care specialists. With these two new physcians, the business will continue its focus on conducting FDA trials and bringing the latest medical technology to the community.

“In Sioux Falls we’ll have 7 surgeons and 7 or 8 optometrists,” Terveen said.

Part of the move to add more surgeons and services is due to the increase in demand, not only because Sioux Falls itself is growing, but also because the population is aging.

“Patients that really utilize eye care surgery are patients in their 60s who have cataracts, who have glaucoma, who have macular degeneration, as our population ages, we need additional providers to care for those patients.”

Dr. Terveen says the number of ophthalmologists has stayed about the same over the past two decades while the number of patients over the age of 65 has grown immensely, creating even greater demand for their services.

“As more retirees come into the community that needs surgery, we are trying to provide those patients with really close to home care that is world-class in both the technology and the way the patients are treated,” Terveen said.

Both new providers are expected to begin accepting new patients at Vance Thompson later this summer.