SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – It may not feel like it now, but summer will soon be here and with that comes food trucks returning to the streets. For the first time, some food trucks are banding together to offer a fun experience to customers

The long, cold winter has food truck owners ready to serve up some warm food to customers.

“I miss people. Everyone who comes to my truck is happy. Anyone who has come to get food is happy. So it’s great, everyone’s in a good mood because they’re eating. So I look forward to all the people and all the events, the music, everything,” Autumn Brockevelt, owner of Black Iron Waffles, said.

Brockevelt wants to share that joy with even more people. So this year, she created a Food Truck Passport with nine other businesses.

“When you buy the passport, what you do is you get free food. For $15, you get free food. You find us on social media, you bring it to the truck, you get stamped and we check you off that you’ve been there. The first person to finish up this passport will get a prize,” Brockevelt said.

Rainy Day Coffee Co. is one of the food trucks participating in the passport.

“This is what we need just to pull all of us together and give us this little passport to give us this little passport to try everybody out,” Shania Rozeboom, owner of Rainy Day Coffee Co., said.

Though there are only ten food trucks on the passport list this year, Brockevelt expects it to keep growing.

“We actually had other food trucks already reach out that I’ve added to the list for the 2024 passport and I hope it just gets bigger and bigger. There’s many food trucks out there that we haven’t gotten in contact with. So I apologize for that, but I hope next year will be even bigger,” Brockevelt said.

“I keep seeing trucks that I haven’t even seen yet and that is what makes it so fun. There’s new food out there and new things to try and we can try it all out of a truck,” Rozeboom said.

All the food trucks listed on the passport have the booklets ready to sell so you can contact them through Facebook or email.