SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A beloved restaurant chain that closed in Sioux Falls in 2015 is now back open.

Valentin’os returned to the west side of the city this week, with plenty of people thrilled to have their favorite flavors back in town.

The changes at this new Valentino’s concept in tonight’s your money matters.

“A deluxe pepperoni, with the cream cheese,” Sioux Falls Valentino’s Franchise owner Jenny Pals said.

From one-of-a-kind creations…

“I just love the bacon cheeseburger pizza,” Valentino’s customer Peggy Roth said. 

To unique twists on the classics…

“The baked lasagna, the Val’s sauce that they use is of course a little unique and I’ve really really missed it,” Pals said. 

There is a long list of reasons many people in Sioux Falls have been craving their Valentino’s fix since it closed in 2015.

“I was down in Omaha with my daughters for cheer competition and for the umpteenth time they asked me to go get Valentino’s from this local little to go shop,” Pals said.

So Sioux Falls native, Jenny Pals, one of many locals missing Valentino’s, decided to bring this new franchise back to town.

“The recipes, all the flavors that everyone remembers, it’s exactly the same,” Pals said.

While they may not have the classic buffet everyone remembers, they do have an express lunch option where people can come in and get a slice to go right away.

“Covid kind of made the company look at going more to this model, these have been very popular down in Lincoln, Nebraska down in Omaha,” Pals said.

And while some people are sad about the change in format, the new Valentino’s has had an overwhelming response in its first to-go option.

“Very very positive reaction of bringing it back,” Vals said. 

“I was so excited when I heard that Jen was opening it up because I just love Valentino’s,” Roth said.

Long-time fans like Peggy Roth are grateful to have a chance to enjoy their favorite flavors again.

“It’s just nice to be able to bring it home and eat it at home, and they still have the same foods that the buffet offered,” Roth said. 

The new to-go Valentino’s is in western Sioux Falls near Ellis and 41st Street and is open seven days a week.