SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)–A Popular restaurant on the south side of Sioux Falls recently expanded the franchise to the north side of the city. 

“This location appealed to us because there’s not a lot out here,” Tinner’s regional manager Vinnie Olson said.

But the area near 60th Street North and Marion Road is growing fast, attracting more and more customers to this northside location.

“It’s nice to not have to drive all the way into town and fight that traffic,” Tinners North customer Leslie Johnson said.

“Its a lot of out-of-towners, anything north of here, Crooks, Renner, stuff like that, of course we’ve got the school across the street here, Walmart up about three blocks to the west of us. Now that we have Amazon and everything in the industrial area out here, hoping to get a little overflow from there as well,” Olson said.

It’s why the owners of Tinners purchased the former Northstar Grill & Pub a little over a year ago, but recently decided to change things up.

“This is the second location for Tinners, we made the decision a few months ago to brand it out here,” Olson said.

It’s a name and a menu many people in Sioux Falls are familiar with.

“Some of the favorites off the menu is Cajun cream jambalaya is generally number one, chislic, cutting and selling our own lamb chislic, sell a lot of chislic out of both Tinners,” Olson said.

Olson says many people are also excited to have the kind of atmosphere Tinner’s is known for.

“A lot of what we’re known for is a cool, casual atmosphere, can bring your date here or you can come here and have drinks with the boys,” Olson said.

It’s a versatile gathering space that many people on the north side of Sioux Falls are grateful to see in their neighborhood.

“We just had a business meeting, it was close by and convenient and had to try it after it turned to Tinners,” Olson said.

Right now Tinners north has the same lunch and dinner menu as the original South Minnesota Avenue location. Tinners North also hopes to serve breakfast as it builds its staff and customer base.