SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)–The Event Company is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with another major milestone this year. In tonight’s Your Money Matters, the many nonprofit organizations and causes that have benefited from this growing Sioux Falls company.

“We started out with one person in a 133 square foot office,” The Event Company founder Addie Graham-Kramer said. “We now have 12 full-time staff members as well as five part-time staffers that are a part of our team.”

That growth is thanks to Event Company owner Addie Graham-Kramer and her team’s consistent dedication to the details.

“Step by step every segment of the project was planned out: the logistics, the fundraising, the communication, all the things that they think of because they’re in this space on a regular basis,” Event Company client Matt Smith said.

Matt Smith with Dacotah Bank has worked with several nonprofit groups over the years that have seen tremendous success thanks to The Event Company’s expertise.

“We probably more than doubled what we were able to bring in sponsorship dollars just using their knowledge and expertise,” Smith said.

In The Event Company’s 10-year history, they’ve helped nonprofit organizations raise over $11.5 million.

“That does not come easy by any means, but you pull together the skills we have in communications, graphics, as well as fundraising consultation and it helps organizations,” Graham-Kramer said. 

It’s a professional service they provide for nonprofit events, conferences and big corporate events. As The Event Company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, they’re also reaching another major milestone, donating over $1.1 million of its services to nonprofits.

“That could be planning services, it could be helping to budget, could be communications. All of those dollars have really wrapped up to a little over a million dollars in that time frame,” Graham-Kramer said. 

A glimpse at the heart behind the hands that are working behind the scenes for so many of the region’s largest events.

“When you attend events in Sioux Falls and the region and you know the event company is behind it, you know it’s going to be a top-notch event,” Smith said.

After 10 years of building its business, The Event Company is now hosting events in 22 different states, all from its headquarters right in the heart of Sioux Falls.