SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)–The 10-story Cherapa II project is nearly complete with many of the office tenants now fully moved into their new spaces.

That includes the new corporate banking headquarters for the Bancorp. What this new office space means for the growth of the company in Sioux Falls in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“We’ve spent an enormous amount of time focused on creating a workspace for our employees that people want to come into,” the Bancorp Chief Operating Officer Greg Garry said.

It’s a process nearly five years in the making as the Bancorp looked to move from its 20-year home at 69th and Western in Sioux Falls to a new, more modern workspace.

“I think it was beyond their wildest dreams. When you look at what we were in before, it just wasn’t conducive to collaboration. Ultimately that was something we were really trying to achieve, so employees have really embraced that,” The Bancorp Sioux Falls Executive Vice President and head of Fintech solutions Ryan Harris said.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous, the floor to ceiling windows are breathtaking, we can see for miles. The whole Sioux Falls, KELOLAND area, the trees are absolutely gorgeous right now, so it makes a gorgeous view,” Kirsten Dahl, the Bancorp’s VP Network Operations Manager said.

That view can be seen from all three floors of the new Bancorp headquarters.

“We made the decision about three years ago along with the building of the new building to move our headquarters from Delaware to South Dakota. Right off the bat when we got that approved there was another $12 million in economic development and taxes that comes to the state, just by moving that license over here,” Garry said.

Along with bringing a big economic boost to the state, The Bancorp’s expansion is also creating new opportunities for employees in the region.

“It’s an investment in our community, we’re from this area and we want to stay in this area. We want to make sure we are the premier place people want to work when they’re in Sioux Falls,” Garry said.

“All professional jobs,” Harris said. “The people we are looking for are on the second and third leg of their careers.”

From account management to finance and cyber security, The Bancorp has created a space to continue to grow.

“We have 175 people in here, we can add another 75 into the space over the life time of us being here,” Garry said.

The Bancorp is now the third largest bank in South Dakota, although its services are in the fintech industry.

“We are a financial technology company that supports their middle office. When you’re using your cards and downloading an app or using Venmo or PayPal, you’re actually working with the Bancorp who’s making that happen behind the scenes,” Garry said.

Wednesday’s ribbon cutting ceremony brought a large community turn out to the usually private corporate facility.

“We don’t have customers that come into this space, so this is a good opportunity for the community to see the workspace and hopefully create some brand recognition for what is otherwise a quiet company working behind the scenes here,” Garry said.