Tariffs on toys impacting local shops

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The trade war with China has impacted several different industries, including toys. It was announced earlier this summer the U.S. would place tariffs on certain consumer goods coming from China by September 1. That means higher prices for everyone.

The most recent news from the White House is that these tariffs on toys will be delayed until December 15.

However, tonight we meet a toy store owner who says the back and forth has been tough for her business.

KidTopia is full of toys for all ages. Right now, it’s even more packed than usual after visiting a toy market earlier this month.

“I bought 90 percent of my Christmas toys at that time and had them shipped immediately. Which I don’t normally do. So now we’re facing struggles with storage,” said Sheryl Nelson, Owner KidTopia Toy Stores.

Sheryl Nelson is coping with the aftermath of a lot of confusion from the trade war. The local business owner says the back and forth on tariffs has caused her and other toy store owners a lot of stress.

“Everybody. It kind of shocked the toy world. So it was advised we get in as much as we could, as fast as we could, for toys because the prices would go up,” said Nelson.

Thankfully, the tariffs were pushed back so many shop owners have time to get their Christmas inventory delivered before prices potentially go up.

Unfortunately, Nelson now has to deal with stock rooms, and bathrooms, full of boxes.

“Just in two to three days we’ve gotten in a huge amount of toys. So we’re checking things in right now. A lot. We worked all weekend long last weekend to get everything checked in to where we finally got caught up and now we have a lot more toys in again,” said Nelson.

Nelson says she tries to buy USA made toys for the shop, but some of the biggest name brands people want are from China. That includes huge household names, like Melissa and Doug.

For now, she’s focusing on finding a place to store this year’s supply, and hopes the tariffs go away before next Christmas.

“We just try to be positive and hope that it doesn’t go through, and just go from there,” said Nelson.

There are two KidTopia locations in Sioux Falls. Nelson says she is working with her staff to find room for all of the extra inventory between the two locations until the holiday shopping season arrives.

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