Summer scams to be aware of

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With a new season comes a new batch of scams. Jessie Schmidt with the Better Business Bureau says certain scams ramp up this time of year. We look at the ways criminals are trying to get your money in the next few months.

Summertime means barbecues, pools and unfortunately more scams. One of the most popular this time of year is the rental scam.

“It can be anywhere from they have found a rental online, they’ve wired them money or sent them a pre-paid Visa or something. You have a time that you’re going to meet them so you can move in. You get to the house and you see that it’s listed for sale,” said Schmidt.

Jessie Schmidt with Sioux Falls Better Business Bureau says you need to check listings thoroughly before sending any money to someone who claims to be a realtor or landlord.

Speaking of homes, another big, summer scam is from asphalt or shingles installers. If someone offers you a great deal on extra materials, be extra cautious!

“People that are selling those types of services, they can tell you within a couple yards how much asphalt you’re going to need. So if somebody tells you they have 200 to 300 yards left over, it tells you they don’t really know how to do their job very well,” said Schmidt.

And last, if you plan to get out and enjoy a show or game this summer, double check the source of your ticket purchase.

“This would be a great opportunity to do a search with the Better Business Bureau to see if we know anything about that organization because you see lots of fake tickets being sold this time of year,” said Schmidt.

Now if someone tries to sell you anything at your door, they do need to have a peddler’s license from the city. You have the right to ask to see that before any work is done.

Also, you can call the BBB if you’ve been scammed. Schmidt says they are more than happy to help you figure out a next step and hopefully get your money back.

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