SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls is filled with new businesses coming and going every day, many of them bringing a taste of a different culture to our landlocked state.

In tonight’s Your Money Matters, how the Multicultural Center of Sioux Falls is spreading the word about supporting more of these local businesses.

“Hello Shalom Coffee House, how are you?” Shalom Ethiopian Coffee House and Restaurant owner Seble Desalegne said.

Along East 10th Street in Sioux Falls, you can find a cup of coffee just like they make nearly eight thousand miles away in Ethiopia.

“I start from green beans, roast it by myself in here, ground it, make it in the Jebena, the coffee pot we call a Jebena.

A few blocks further East on 10th Street you can find another popular beverage that began 7,000 miles in the opposite direction.

“It’s originally from Taiwan,” 9999 Boba owner Johnny Phathaem said.

The owner of 9999 Boba opened a Sioux Falls store over the summer, sharing some of his unique creations with the community.

“We spent the summer whipping up to see what tastes the best and how to get the best flavor out of it,” Phathaem said.

These restaurants give people a chance to learn about a new culture, all from the comfort of their own city.

“Anyone can learn a lot about a culture and understanding by trying their cuisine,” the Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls director Valeria Wicker said.

The Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls has started sharing some of these unique locally owned cultural cuisines you can find around town on Facebook.

“I wanted to raise awareness in the community of just the enormous buffet of many cultures we have represented in our local businesses,” Wicker said.

Plenty of diverse options…

“Everybody has to try different things,” Phathaem said.

…that may just become your new favorite.

“I have a lot of customers, they come in here, they say this is my first time, after they try it, they love it,”  Desalegne said.

All while supporting local business owners who are thrilled to share a piece of their culture with their new community.

“I think it’s always important to support local businesses, they’re the backbone of any community and a lot of families a lot of local business owners put time and their lifeblood into this work and it makes every city that has local businesses, that is what gives the real flavor of the city,” Wicker said.

“I try my best to make people happy and satisfied with what I did,”  Desalegne said.

You can follow the Sioux Falls Multicultural Center’s Facebook Page for more links to the local cultural cuisines you can find around town.