SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Holiday shopping is well underway across KELOLAND, but this Saturday is specifically designed to celebrate locally owned toy stores. 

“It’s a wonderful thing to go to a local toy store because we love the toys, we live the toys,” Kidtopia owner Sheryl Nelson said. 

Toys have been Sheryl Nelson’s life since she took over Kidtopia in 2008; now her two stores are busier than ever.

“Everyone has been shopping early, which is a really, really good thing. We actually sent out our Christmas catalog a month early. We’ve seen phenomenal results because of that as people have been coming in,” Nelson said. 

Many of these early shoppers know the supply chain issues could limit their options the closer it gets to Christmas.

“We’re still getting items coming in from February orders and from June.

Nelson normally orders all of her Christmas toys in August, but this year she started making orders in June, just to make sure she’d have enough stock on the shelves for the holiday season.

“We try to be really prepared, we have a lot in our back room, we have an actual storage space behind Bath and Body… and we are filled, hoping for the best,” Nelson said. 

They’re still getting in orders every day but are concerned they could run low on some products further into the holiday shopping season.

“Even some of our companies have shut off taking any new orders to try to catch up with the backlog that they have,” Nelson said. 

It’s why she’s making this year’s Neighborhood Toy Store Day bigger than ever and providing even better deals now than you’ll find on Black Friday.

“We’re selling $5 bags where anything inside is 20 percent off for in-store purchases,” Nelson said. “Then that $5 is going to go to East River Foster Parent Networks as a donation for the community. We’re also giving away prizes throughout the day, cookies from Eileen’s… it’s really a fun filled community day, getting people to come into their local toy stores to have some fun.”

Neighborhood Toy Store Day is an initiative of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA). The other ASTRA member toy stores in South Dakota are also offering some special Neighborhood Toy Store Day deals and activities this Saturday.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, Child’s Play Toys in Sioux Falls will have cookies and fudge from the Cookie Jar, craft demos, games and lots of kid’s activities. Child’s Play Toys shoppers can also enjoy a big buy more save more discount on all clothing. 

In Rapid City, Who’s Toy House has two special events this week. On Veterans Day this Thursday, Who’s Toy House is giving all military members 10 percent off everything in the store. Then on Saturday, it’s not only Neighborhood Toy Store Day, but also Who’s Toy House’s 10th anniversary celebration. The Rapid City toy store will have an open house with locally made custom cookies and coffee and they’ll be giving away more than $1000 of toys at Saturday’s event. 

Kidtopia’s Neighborhood Toy Store Day 20% off bag sale, cookies and events are Saturday from 10-6 at the Bridges location and 10-8 at Dawley Farm.