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Sioux Falls Publisher Finds Success Through Legacy Stories

From shopping to keeping in contact with friends and family, we're doing more things online.

At the same time paper book sales are on the rise, and more of us are even writing our own.

Here's a look at a unique, Sioux Falls publishing company.

Marv Roelofs is telling his life story to two men with Throne Publishing.

"As a youngster, I had no running water," Roelofs said.

Roelofs doesn't have his eyes set on a best seller. Instead, his family encouraged him to come here after doctors diagnosed Roelofs with terminal lung cancer.

"They're interested in the grandchildren having some memory of what their grandpa did," Roelofs said.

"People want to know the story of their family, so we interview parents or grandparents about their life. Then we publish a book for their family or for their business," Throne Publishing Group Co-owner Jeremy Brown said.

Brown started Throne Publishing seven years ago. Since then, he's noticed a huge increase in the number of people writing books.

"Because it's easier than ever. You can do it on your own with your computer straight to Amazon now," Brown said.

Brown's business is also booming because of these so-called legacy stories.

"I wanted my mom to do it years and years ago. She passed away in 2010," Mick Conlin said.

Now Conlin and his family have paid for his dad to reveal all of the chapters of his life.

"They're pretty ordinary people, but everybody has a remarkable story to tell," Conlin said.

Stories that you might not even know about your loved one.

"There's been tremendous change from the early 40s to today," Roelofs said.

After all, you can never judge a book by its cover.

"I hope they will read it and have some idea of what life was like," Roelofs said.

If you're wondering how much it costs to get a legacy book from Throne Publishing, the prices start at $2500.

Paper book sales have increased every year for the past five years, after taking a huge dip when e-books first hit the market.


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