SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The pandemic has led to a shift towards entrepreneurship as more employees looking for flexibility decide to start their own business.

In tonight’s Your Money Matters, what led one Sioux Falls woman to turn her two passions into a creative service she can offer from her own home.

“I really enjoy the making of the cupcake,” Film & Flour owner Amelia Pegram said. 

Pegram is no stranger to baking.

“I did work with some very, very talented chefs,” Pegram said. 

She’s served as a pastry chef at CH Patisserie and Harvester Kitchen in Sioux Falls, but decided starting her own business was the best fit for her busy family life.

“I like the process of making the cupcakes better more on my own terms,” Pegram said. 

So in between caring for her two young girls, Amelia is able to create her unique cupcake orders through her new company Film & Flour.

“People kept asking for my cupcakes for their events and stuff, so I thought, maybe I can do something with it,” Pegram said. 

Along with creating party perfect cupcakes, Pegram also offers another service a lot of events are looking for.

“I like photography because they keep it forever,” she said. 

Amelia’s services help cover the cupcakes and the photography for any event customers have planned.

“I’ve had a dinner party where I was able to decorate the cupcakes, make them, bring them over and set up a dessert table with their Christmas theme and was able to take pictures of the party too,” she said. 

It’s a service she’s found very popular for birthday parties and other special events.

“I think it was more that they didn’t have to call two separate companies to do that, they were definitely happy to call me and say do all of it,” Pegram said. 

So when she’s not making cupcakes, she’s editing photos and building her unique event service in the Sioux Falls area.

As for starting her own business, Amelia says building a website, creating a logo, business cards and logistics like getting a tax id were the hardest part, but all were fairly easy to figure out.