SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — If you’ve attended any craft fairs in the region over the past 15 years, you’ve likely run into Shake Rattle Sew, known for their incredibly soft handmade blankets.

Now owner Holly Andeson-Hintz has opened a storefront in Sioux Falls, giving people a chance to design their own creations.

“My business started in 2006, it was my mother and I, we needed a hobby,” Anderson-Hintz said. “I don’t have any kids so it became our baby. We started doing craft shows and everything else, but it’s always been in our basement.”

Now one year after her mom died of cancer, Holly is carrying on her dream of opening their own store to give everyone a chance to enjoy the creativity the mother-and-daughter duo loved so much.

“At shows, they would ask us, well I want this fabric with this fabric, can you do that? So we decided let’s have them do their own,” Anderson-Hintz said.

Her Build A Blanket workshops have already become a hit.

“We’ve had birthday parties, date nights, girls nights, a little bachelorette party came in, so it’s a little of everything,” Anderson-Hintz said.

Giving people of all ages a chance to choose their own unique combinations.

“My favorite kind of blanket is the one with sprinkles on it and it has a unicorn in the middle and the heart shape is really, really little and there’s a little unicorn in it too,” six-year-old Jessa Benson said.

Six-year-old friends Jessa and Aidan enjoyed picking out their own designs at a workshop last week.

“It’s yellow and it has a blue cow footprints on it,” Aidan said.

“We have all the fabric available, they can come in and pick it out, they pin the blankets and I sew them and then they get to go home with the blanket they designed,” Anderson-Hintz said.

But it’s not just the design that makes these blankets so special.

“What makes our blankets unique is how soft they are, and everything is handmade,” Anderson-Hintz said.

A special touch that has people of all ages coming back to Shake Rattle and Sew for so many years.

“Because it’s so beautiful!” Benson said.

Along with their specialty blankets of many different sizes, Shake Rattle Sew also sells candy bouquets and gift baskets at their new storefront on 2228 W 5th Street in Sioux Falls. They also have plans to announce some other classes on their Facebook page that will soon be available at their new storefront.