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Sioux Falls Company Now World's Largest Ethanol Maker

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A Sioux Falls-based company is now the world's largest ethanol maker. 

POET has 28 production facilities, with its headquarters in Sioux Falls. 

It just unseated ADM as the biggest producer and attracts employees from all over the nation. 

Mary Frontczak recently moved to Sioux Falls from Saint Louis. Why? For a job that she felt would be more than just a job.

"I really believe in biofuels. I believe in how important it is to the future and that POET is going to be a key part of that," Frontczak said.

Frontczak is the Senior Vice President General Counsel at POET. The company has grown from 13 employees in 1988 to 2000 now. It has an annual revenue of $8 billion; $2 billion of that is in South Dakota.

"I think in the future people will continue to learn that we are the answer to help us get off of fossil fuels, to help us get off our dependence of foreign oil and to get more of our products that we use in our everyday lives from the land," CEO and Founder Jeff Broin said.

Broin believes the ethanol producer will continue to grow through new products and processes. 

"We even have a new product that goes into asphalt," Broin said.

At the same time, the industry often struggles to convince lawmakers to fight for biofuels. 

Just a few weeks ago POET took part in a rally to convince the EPA Administrator to support ethanol. Broin himself has also had several meetings with President Trump.

"We've had numerous oil state senators and representatives literally try to put this industry out of business. We're at it again today--trying to grow the industry in Washington," Broin said.

An industry that Frontczak is glad she switched to. She just got back from a mission trip through the company's non-profit organization.

"Getting to be part of something that really has an impact and is bigger than me," Frontczak said.

POET has had 800 percent growth since 2000. Here is a look at all of the company's plant locations.


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