SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)–A Sioux Falls bakery catering to those with food allergies and vegan lifestyles continues to grow in their new store front at 57th & Western Avenue.

What led to Sinless Sweet’s newest offering in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“Been in business coming up on two years now,” Sinless Sweets owner Maggy Pickner said.

Pickner was just 19 when she started selling gluten free and vegan baked goods out of her home, but last fall she made the jump into a retail location.

“The storefront has been great, we’re starting to pick up more as far as new people coming in, people coming in saying they’ve never seen us before and they just found us,” Pickner said.

While special orders are still a huge part of their business, Sinless Sweets has found a new niche in creating brunch items that are both vegan and gluten free.

“There’s no where here where you can get that, you can go to places to get brunch and your only options are like hash browns or like eggs if you’re not completely vegan,” Pickner said.

But her brunch options are all gluten and egg free, giving people a chance to enjoy some favorite foods they may struggle to find elsewhere.

“We offer crepes, pancakes, waffles, stuff you don’t get very often or that you just don’t want to make at home every weekend,” Pickner said.

It’s why her tables have been filled with customers every weekend since she began opening up for brunch.

“We started just Sundays for four hours and people loved it, so we moved it to Saturdays and Sundays now and its a huge hit,” Pickner said.

The now 21-year-old business owner has been running Sinless Sweets largely on her own.

“It’s crazy, I have to do a lot of prep work ahead because I have to take orders and then run back there and put it together,” Pickner said.

But she’s adding some staff members so she can expand her gluten free and vegan baking business on weekends this summer.

“We will also be at the farmers market so that will be a huge opportunity,” Pickner said.

Sinless Sweets vegan and gluten free brunch hours are 10am to 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays at her store in the Bridges at 57th & Western.