The City of Tea will soon be growing with some major new construction in Bakker’s Landing, a new business development project right along I-29 just north of the Tea exit.  A flagship $7 million building will begin construction in the spring, moving the new national headquarters of Silencer Central to Tea.

“We’ve done a really good job on our regional level, now we’re interested in doing it at a national level,” Silencer Central Owner Brandon Maddox said.

The company began in Sioux Falls as Dakota Silencer in 2005, but in the past year, they’ve done some major expanding.

“We ended up moving into all 42 states where they’re actually legal,” Maddox said.

The company also rebranded to Silencer Central, now the nation’s largest silencer dealer.

“In the last year our sales have tripled, probably about a 300 percent increase,” Maddox said.

Part of that increase was the switch from gun show sales to direct marketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re using print advertising, using digital advertising and networking with leaders industry,” Maddox said. “With this direct consumer approach, we need more service people, more sales team members.”

Maddox has added 20 employees to his team in just the past two months, quickly sparking a need for more space.

“We’re looking at probably 20,000 square feet for office in our new building and about 15,000 square feet for the warehouse where we will thread our barrels and also to store the silencers till we ship it,” Maddox said.

The new national headquarters for Silencer Central will be moving to Bakker’s Landing, right at the future home of the 85th Street and I-29 interchange.

“This is a great project for the City of Tea with roughly 40 jobs, nice construction and a beautiful building right on I-29,” Jesse Fonkert, the executive director of the Minnehaha & Lincoln County Economic Development Association said.

Fonkert says the new building is a major win for future development in the community.

“It’s going to add more tax base to the City of Tea in the form of property tax, more jobs means more folks working in town, living in town, spending money in town. Being located on I-29 is going to help Tea look even more attractive,” Fonkert said.

A highly visible property that Maddox hopes will help make Silencer Central a major employer in the region.

“Really our goal is to attract more employees. If people have heard of you, they’re more likely to apply for a job to work with you,” Maddox said. 

Silencer Central has committed to hiring at least 40 employees over the next 5 years, part of its agreement as a recipient of a $3.3 million REDI Fund loan from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.